What are the age groups?

Boys & girls — birth years, 2013-2002.

Age and bracketing based on birth year.

What is the cost?

2013-2012,  (7v7) $695
2011-2010, (9v9) $795
2009-2008, (11v11) $895
2007-2002, (11v11) $995

How many games does each team play?

Each team plays a minimum of 3 games.

Where is check-in?

NO CHECK IN NIGHT BEFORE. All Teams check-in before the first game at the Newport Mesa tent visible from the parking lot of Jack Hammet Sports Complex.

How many loan players can each team have?

Each team is able to have an unlimited amount of loan players.

What are the tournament prizes?

Champions receive a big team trophy and medals for each player while runner up receives medals. All teams will receive pins for each player at check in.

How long is each game?


2013-2012, (7v7) 25 minute halves
2011-2010, (9v9) 30 minute halves
2009-2008, (11v11) 30 minute halves
2007-2002, (11v11) 35 minute halves

What teams are eligible to play?

US Club Soccer teams, USYS clubs, AYSO teams, and International teams are all encouraged to register.

All out of state teams receive guaranteed acceptance if registered by May 8, 2020.

What if my team needs a hotel?

Discounted Hotel Rates are Discounted Hotel Rates available through our affiliated hotelsavailable through our affiliated hotels

How is the age bracketing determined?

Players and teams are based on Birth Year.

What are some of the special rules that I need to know?

Small Sided Fields 2013 & 2012 Divisions

Build out lines.
No Punting is allowed.
No Heading allowed.


2011 Division
No Build out lines.
Punting is allowed.
No Heading allowed.


2010 Division
No Build out lines.
Punting is allowed.
Heading is allowed.


Cool Ocean Breezes -- Don't go into the HOT Inland -- Play on the Coast!

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